Pingshan impresses expats with culture, modernity

Writer: Chen Xiaochun, Lin Lin  |  Editor: Holly Wang  |  From: Shenzhen Daily  |  Updated: 2021-04-27

Art, nature, history, tech ... you name it, Pingshan has got it. A group of expats and their families were deeply impressed during their trip around Pingshan District on Saturday.

The trip, a cooperation between Shenzhen Daily and Pingshan Media Center, offered expats an opportunity to enjoy a nature walk in Jingui Village, learn about the revolutionary history at an exhibition hall in the village, as well as Dongjiang Guerrilla Column Memorial Hall, explore the time-honored Hakka-style Dawan Residence and check out the futuristic Pingshan Art Museum. In addition, they experienced the driverless buses in the district.

Rickelle Mason from the U.S., visiting Pingshan for the first time, was deeply impressed by the district and guaranteed that she would come back. “I am already trying to figure out how much a Didi would cost, how to take the bus here ... It’s such an impressive district. I love that we have both really futuristic high-tech modern things like this museum which was opened in 2019 and the driverless buses, but then we also have history and culture like the Hakka residence.”

Mason said she is in love with the art museum, adding that she read about the museum randomly on a global architectural magazine ArchDaily a couple of days ago. “Even though the pictures were amazing, it’s even better in person. It’s unbelievable.”

Breno Loureiro Giacchini from Brazil enjoyed the trip a lot. What he likes most is Dawan Residence. “It’s very old, from the Qianlong period. It’s very interesting to wander around and see all the rooms. There are over 400 rooms.”

As a theoretical physicist, it’s also interesting for Giacchini to find a work related to his job. “In the Pingshan Art Museum, there is a work related to space science and the theoretical physics, especially cosmology like dark matter, dark energy, black holes ... I find it very interesting.”

Christopher Lee Spillman from the U.K. is a birder and a nature lover. His favorite part of the trip was the nature walk in Jingui Village. “I’d like to come back and perhaps do more walking around the area. There’s a lot more to explore in here,” said Spillman.

In the eyes of Joel Rosario from the Philippines, Pingshan is new but it has a great potential for future development.

“You can see all the construction. If you look at the surroundings, there are a lot of opportunities for improvement,” said Rosario. “Pingshan is developing to balance economy and nature. They are developing and they also take care of the environment.”

Regarding his experience on the driverless bus, Rosario said that he felt like he was experiencing the future. “I know about engineering. It’s the 5G technology that you apply to the driverless bus or artificial intelligence. When I was in the bus, I said I was already stepping into the future,” said Rosario.

William Fang, a Hong Kong resident in Shenzhen, attended the trip with his New Zealander wife Maria Fang. William said their visit to Dongjiang Guerrilla Column Memorial Hall and the exhibition hall in Jingui Village is important for people to remember the history that has helped create life today.

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