Epigraphy scholar’s collection on display

?Chinese scholar and connoisseur Rong Geng (1894-1983) spent a lifetime of research on Chinese paleography and epigraphy and collected Chinese antiques to prevent them from being lost during times of war. He donated a great number of antiques to the country and now visitors can have a glimpse into those cultural relics at an exhibition at the Shenzhen Museum.

Two printmaking exhibitions in SZ

The “Flower Whispers” exhibition at the China Printmaking Museum features 116 prints by 40 artists from 20 countries and regions.

Comprehensive art space La Vie opens

The newly opened La Vie in Shekou is a comprehensive space for exhibitions, readings, performances and leisure where visitors can check some new exhibits now.

Local children to perform ‘Oliver! JR.’

The English-language “Oliver! JR.,” the Broadway Junior version of Lionel Bart’s classic musical based on Charles Dickens’ novel, “Oliver Twist,” will be staged by Shenzhen Dramatic English soon.

Art festival at One Shenzhen Bay

The One Art Festival organized by One Shenzhen Bay includes three contemporary art exhibitions at One Bay, Mangrove Gallery and Bravo Arts. Entry is free.

Contemporary artworks by Gong Jian, Guo Hongwei

?Chinese artists Gong Jian and Guo Hongwei are exhibiting their works at the “Classical Gaudiness” exhibition at Enclave Contemporary.

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